1. Free Trial

    When creating your account on Treerating you will by default get a free trial where you're able to test our service. During the trial we will not charge your credit card. If you cancel your account during the trial we will not charge your credit card. If you do not cancel your account at Treerating during the trial, your account will be upgraded to a paid subscription and you will be charged for each coming month until you decide to cancel your account. You can cancel your account at any time.

  2. Payment Processing

    Treerating is using Stripe as a payment gateway. Treerating never gets access to the users credit card or payment information, and the information is never send to Treerating's server. All payment information is stored with Stripe.

    When you create your account, you are added as a subscriber to one of our plans. If you have a trial you are still added as a subscriber, but with a delay before the subscription start that is matching the amount of days of your trial. If you do not cancel your account during the trial, you will be charged for your subscription when your trial ends.

  3. Upgrading or Downgrading Plan

    If you want to upgrade your subscription on Treerating you can do that from your Subscription page when you're logged into your account on Treerating. From there you can both upgrade, and downgrade your plan.

    The changes you do will happen immediately. Any invoices or charges for the current month will still be send and charged.

    You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time.

  4. Cancel Payment and Unsubscribe from Plan

    You can at any time unsubscribe from our payment plans at Treerating. You do this from the settings-page when you are logged in on your account at Treerating. Notice that unsubscribing does not automatically delete your Credit Card from Stripes server. If you want to remove all your payment information, you have to also remove the Credit Card from your settings page.

    When you cancel your subscription, you will immediately be stopped from accessing our API and services.

  5. Failed Payments or Expired Cards

    If we fail to charge your card we will automatically try to charge your card again the next day. If we can not charge your card the next time, we will send you an invoice of the missed payment and close down your account until the invoice has been paid.

    If your credit card expires, it is your responsibility to remove the credit card from your Subscriptions page on your account, and add a new valid credit card to your account.

    You can always unsubscribe and cancel your subscription at any point. However this should be done by using the unsubscribe-buttons on your Subscription page. Ignoring payments is not a valid way to cancel your subscription or account.

  1. Privacy of data that is send to our API

    To use Treerating's services you need to share your customer's private data such as email and name by sending the data to us using our API. We need this information to be able to contact the customer and ask them to give you a review. We also use this data to verify that the reviewer is a real customer of yours, and to prevent competitors giving you bad reviews that are false.

    We will only use the customers information to contact them regarding Treeratings services, such as but not limited to asking them to review your business and informing them on you commenting on their review.

    Your customer's information that you send to us using our API will not be shared to any third party.

  2. Integrations to our API

    To be able to fully use our services you will need to create some sort of integration to our API to both share your data, but also to present your rating and reviews on your website. Here at Treerating we do our best to create useful integrations to all common open source CMS's, such as Prestashop and Wordpress that are free to use.

    Our free to use integrations are installed on your behalf and we do not take any responsibility for bugs or issues that could come up on your website or store after installing our integration. You are responsible for installing, testing and uninstalling the integration on your website.

    If you create your own integration, it is your responsibility to write good code that can handle exceptions, unsuccessful connections and timeouts to our API.

  3. API Credentials

    Your API Credentials are yours and yours only. You are not allowed to share your secret API key to any other third party and it should only be used by the company that you have registered at Treerating.

    If we see any abusive or suspected behavior of you sharing or misusing your API Credentials, we reserve the right to close your account without warning or notice.

  4. Limiting API Requests

    Treerating reserve the right to limit requests to its API. We also reserve the right to present cached data to any read-requests to our API. If we see any abusive use or misuse of our API we reserve the right to close down your account without warning or notice.

  1. Newsletter

    By registering at Treerating you are automatically added to our newsletter list of subscribers and will recieve newsletter from Treerating regarding our services in the future. You will be able to unsubscribe from this list from within the newsletter that is send to you by pressing a "Unsubscribe" link in the footer of the email.