Customer Reviews For Your Ecommerce Business

Collect reviews from your customers and show your new visitors what an amazing experience your customers have when making business with you.

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“Treerating has given us a completely new insight into what customers think about our business, which has lead to an increase in both conversions and sales.”

Marika Bonde

Marika Bonde Marika Bonde

Collect Reviews From Your Customers

We will help you to automatically collect reviews from your customers where they will give you their honest oppinion of their experiences with your business. Just install our plugins and integrations, and let us handle the rest for you!

Display your average rating on your own website and show your visitors that you are a trusted business where previous customers have had great experiences buying from you and using your services.

Improve Your Clicks In Google SERP

All of our official plugins and integrations are using the correct Rich Snippets to let Google know what rating your customers have given you, so that Google can present your rating in their Search Results.

Differentiate yourself from the competatition in the Google Search Result with stars and ratings. Search result that have rating has been proven to have an +30% increase in click-through-rate compared to results without ratings.

Give Public Responses To Critics

Did you get an unhappy customer that gave you a bad review? Don't worry. Use this opportunity to show your customers that you are a company that care about your customers issues and answer the customers review and offer them a solution to their problem.

Now when future customers read your reviews and notices a negative one, they will be able to read your response and see that you cared to help the unhappy customer and solve any problem that the customer might have had.

Flexible Pricing To Fit Your Business

No matter if you're a big business with thousands of orders every month, or if you are just starting out with your brand new ecommerce business, we are here to help you grow your business with our services and give you a price that matches your need.

Try out our services for free with our trials, and then move on to one of our paid plans that matches the size of your business and your need. We have plans for every kind of business, ranging from $49 up to $299 per month. All payments are handled automatically using Stripe.